As your local, community cinema, it's part of our mission to make our screen your screen. If you're looking to book a private showing for you and your friends, invite the community to an important documentary, or bring an old favorite to the big screen, we can help!

The Vermillion Cultural Association is proud to offer Community Mondays at the Coyote Twin Theater. Community Mondays are when we hit pause on our currently airing features and instead bring shows requested and sponsored by local organizations to the screen. Monday movie events range from our monthly Chick Flick Club series to special interest films or cult classics. We can also accommodate community and private showings during our weekend off hours, Saturday and Sunday between 9:00am and 1:00pm. 

We work with a third-party booker to secure the license to screen your film of choice. Depending on a film's age, popularity, and distributor, licenses range from $250 to $325. Once you request a title, we can investigate the exact cost of the license and book that film for the date of your choice. Please be aware that due to its extremely strict regulations, we cannot show Disney or Disney-affiliated titles (i.e., films by Twentieth Century Fox, Pixar, etc.). In addition to the license, there is an operations overhead fee of $40. 

During your special screening, our concessions counter will be open and staffed so your guests can enjoy fresh popcorn, fountain drinks, and candy. We ask that you do encourage your attendees to make a purchase, as it's the best way to support our nonprofit cinema! We offer reduced rates on concessions packages for private groups or sponsors who would like to pay for their guests' pop and popcorn.

If you have a movie in mind or have a question not answered here, contact us at today!

How to Book a Movie at Your Local, Nonprofit, Community-Owned Cinema

1. Identify your preferred film, date, and time for your special screening.

2. Contact with your event idea.

3. Share the event with your network! Hang posters! Invite friends! Make a fuss to get a crowd.

4. Sit back and enjoy the movie with your community!