Welcome to the digital home of the Vermillion Theaters: The Coyote Twin Theaters and The Vermillion Theater!

Ownership of the Vermillion Theaters transferred to The Vermillion Downtown Cultural Association, Inc. at the beginning of July, 2015.

The Association is committed to keeping the Coyote Twin Theaters open and updating the facility to provide patrons with a state-of-the-art film experience and amenities. In addition, the Association would like to eventually reopen the Vermillion Theater as a unique multipurpose cultural facility that will offer a variety of films and events. Independent films, documentaries, beloved classics, and films requested by community organizations and interests are all possibilities in this unique space.

Sing-a-longs and quote-a-long films are awesome. We know.

We want to see these events happen, and we’d love to have you join us for the ride.

While Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Red Box offer film lovers a wide variety of films in the privacy of their homes, seeing a film in a theater offers a richer experience. For one thing, we have better popcorn. Moreover, going to the movies is a great excuse for a date night or a get-together with friends. Going to the movies can also be a friendly, imaginative source of family entertainment. Paired with dinner out, popcorn, or drinks later, going out to see a movie in the theater gives people a chance to transform film watching into social and educational experiences.

We’ll look forward to seeing you at the movies!

We are located at 4 West Main Street, Vermillion, SD.

EMAIL support@vermilliontheaters.com
PHONE 605-624-3331


Cashier, Concessionist, Ushers

We're looking for an energetic individual with great people skills who are eager to learn. Start building your resume and learning job skills which will give you an edge with future employers. Applicants must be 16 years or older.

- Flexible hours / shifts
- Fun work environment with a great team
- Opportunity for advancement
- Free admission to all movies
- Free pop and popcorn while working