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Downtown Vermillion Seeing Revitalization
October 21, 2016
More than 70 attendants visited the newly-renovated Red Steakhouse Auditorium Monday night. Chance Mullinix / The Volante
Red Steakhouse Auditorium hosts grand opening gala
January 17, 2017

RED Steakhouse Auditorium Reopening At Coyote Twin Next Week

This photo from the Vermillion Theatres Facebook page shows the extensive work that has taken place to transform the Coyote 1 into the much-improved RED Steakhouse Auditorium.

After four months of closure due to renovation, Screen One at the Coyote Twin Theater will re-open next week, offering a “whole new experience” for movie-goers in Vermillion, say promoters.

“The opening of this auditorium – with stadium seating, new sound and projection, screen, lighting, and egress – is a huge step forward for our community,” says Jason Thiel, executive director of the Vermillion Downtown Cultural Association (VCDA), which manages the Coyote Twin and its sister theatre, the Vermillion. “The auditorium includes new lighting, sound, projection, screen, stadium seating, rocker seats with head rests and cup holders, paint, carpet and drapes. From floor to ceiling, this is a whole new auditorium.

“And a whole new theater deserves a new name, so that has been changed as well. Coyote Twin’s Screen One is now “RED Steakhouse Auditorium.”

“The theater is being called the ‘Red Steakhouse Auditorium’ to honor the significant contribution by Jerad Higman, Masaba, and RED to the renovation effort,” said Bill Anderson, president of the VDCA Board. “They were responsible for helping us construct the stadium seating infrastructure, put in new lights, fix other infrastructure matters to support the new auditorium, and do electrical work. It was an amazing investment that merited recognition.”

“We are honored to share the name and branding with RED. We will strive to provide the same level of high quality service and experience his customers expect at the restaurant,” Thiel said. “With them being right across the street, the public should expect some close association and fun future events involving both establishments.”

Improving the movie-going experience in Vermillion has been the focus of the Vermillion Downtown Cultural Association since it was formed in 2015. The non-profit organization purchased the Coyote Twin and Vermillion theatres in July, 2015, and has invested heavily in improving customer experiences at the theaters since then. Read More

By Riva Sharples
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