Vermillion Rotary Club Donation
Vermillion Rotary Club Donation
April 18, 2016
This photo from the Vermillion Theatres Facebook page shows the extensive work that has taken place to transform the Coyote 1 into the much-improved RED Steakhouse Auditorium.
RED Steakhouse Auditorium Reopening At Coyote Twin Next Week
January 6, 2017

Downtown Vermillion Seeing Revitalization

David Lias

Movie goers in downtown Vermillion may have noticed one less screen in operation at the Coyote Twin Theater.

That is because the theater is going through some major remodeling to improve the movie-going experience to its patrons thanks to fundraising efforts and donations from various businesses and organizations.

“With donations from the University of South Dakota Foundation, the student government association, MASABA, the Vermillion Chamber and Development Company, the Dakota Hospital Foundation and countless donors, we have been able to begin renovating these theaters,” Thiel said.

The VDCA, formed in early 2015, owns and operated the Coyote Twin Theater and noticed the disrepair the theater was in and decided to make the changes in order for Vermillion area residents to have a “refined cinema experience” without having to travel to larger cities like Sioux City or Sioux Falls.

“The wall hangings were coming down, the chairs were broken and uncomfortable, so basically we gutted theater number one down to the walls and the floor,” Thiel said.

The renovations will convert the slanted floor seating to stadium style seating and replace the seats themselves with rockers and cup holders. There will also be new lighting, sounds and projection installed with a new screen.

“It’s new completely from the ground up,” Thiel said.

Repairs to theater one are planned to be complete between mid-October to the beginning of November and the fundraising for renovation theater number two will begin.

“(Theater number two) won’t have quite as extensive of a renovation, but it will still have a new screen, new sound, new chairs,” Thiel said.

Additional changes include up-to-date fire exits and new bathrooms in the lobby area.

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By Elyse Brightman
Originally posted by PlainTalk