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January 18, 2016
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February 12, 2016

Why is is so hard to get Oscar contender movies?

Academy Awards

A great question and one that we’re always thinking about at the Coyote Twin. Here are some basics about Oscar contenders:

1) They’re often printed at small volumes, intended for art house theaters or in limited release when they’re released. The chance to get Oscar contenders is after they’ve been nominated and the studios make more prints.

2) Running an Oscars series is difficult because of the limited number of prints so we have to hope that we showed some early in the year as part of our general show cycle. We can, however, think in the future about running an “Oscars marathon” series. It probably can’t happen this year, but the goal would be to show either over multiple nights or in a single day all of the films being considered for Best Picture.

3) Oscar contenders that are foreign films are even tougher because the print runs are smaller.

4) Older films (> 3 months) can be more easily shown as part of an Oscar series because they can be shown on Blu-Ray rather than relying on a DCP or hard drive from the studios.

5) Running Oscar films is a niche and one that isn’t always the most profitable: The Room or Brooklyn, for example, are wonderful films but may only have a very niche draw in the community. So committing to films like these means committing to the concept of showing great films versus necessarily being highly profitable. That is unless the community turns out in droves.

We are proud to have shown the following films that are up for Best Picture this year: Mad Max: Fury Road; The Revenant; The Big Short (coming this week); The Martian; and Bridge of Spies. We likely will also get Room, Brooklyn, or Spotlight before the Oscars.

Great film matters to us and we hope you join us at the Coyote Twin and (soon) the Vermillion Theaters to watch great cinema with us!