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What is the VDCA?

Vermillion Downtown Cultural Association

Last summer, a small group of interested Vermillion residents — in an effort first to save the Coyote Twin and Vermillion Theaters — formed the Vermillion Downtown Cultural Association (VDCA). The VDCA grew out of a desire to help unite the community with downtown as a focal point and place where people could experience the best of Vermillion through culture, cinema, food, and conversation.

The VDCA came from months and even years of conversation between two of our founding board members, but it was difficult building momentum behind the idea of an organization created to build social capital, enhance culture, or create community. The movie theatres and saving cinema in Vermillion provided a wonderful rallying cry: the VDCA would first set its sights on acquiring the Coyote Twin and Vermillion Theaters, learning operations, and operating the Coyote Twin (first) as a highly functioning, first-run movie theater capable of running at a profit. That profit and charitable giving would fuel re-opening the Vermillion (the subject of our next blog) and, eventually, other opportunities to acquire properties, fund arts, culture, and entertainment, and grow the community’s downtown and broader culture in important ways.

Our Board of Directors has 13 slots and hosts nine members monthly. Our meetings are open and we are always looking for more members. Right now are looking for members with an expertise in facilities, legal, and accounting who want to help us enhance our mission to grow Vermillion’s downtown culture.

If you’re interested in joining us, let us know. If you’re interested in contributing to us — we’re a registered 501(c)(3) — please help us re-open the Vermillion Theater. And if you’re willing to volunteer to help us clean, repair, or otherwise enhance the Coyote Twin and Vermillion Theaters, just email us at support@vermilliontheaters.com, boardleaders@vermilliontheaters.com, or executivedirector@vermilliontheaters.com.

We’d love to have you join us!